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Teespring – Creat and Sell Custom T-Shirts On Crowdfunding Site

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Twitter_LogoThis is the coolest site!! I was introduced to Teespring not too long ago – it’s a great custom tee site. Best of all it’s also a crowdfunding site. What does this mean?

Say you have a campaign, school fundraiser, or need to raise money for a charity or be sponsored in a race. You can head to Teespring and custom design your tee, tank, or hoodie however you want, then get a custom URL to sell the shirts. All for free!

When I was in high school I was big in Drama. Being involved in a school group also meant fundraisers. Teespring would have been an EASY way to sell all of those t-shirts for the plays we put on, as well as letting all of the students involved get the fit and size they need, without anyone having to handle cash. It’s all online!

You can also browse the campaigns and buy shirts to show your support 🙂

I did my own t-shirt design – check it out!

There have been some great campaigns in the past:

Just to give you an idea.. 🙂 Head over to Teespring and see how it all works 🙂 You’ll love it! Be sure to follow Teespring on Twitter for up to the minute promos and news!

*This is a sponsored post.

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