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Roundup: 25 Easy Easter Crafts For You To Try

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25 Easter Crafts

Hippity hop! Easter is on its way. Have some fun with these Easter Crafts for Kids. Which one is your favorite?

1. Foam Cup Bunnies {pictured}
2. Easter Egg Dreamcatcher {pictured}
3. Toilet Paper Bunny Roll {pictured}
4. Rocking Paper Plate Sheep
5. Easter Carrot Playdough Favor
6. DIY Easter Egg Crayons {genius!}
7. Paper Plate Handprint Chick
8. Hatch an Easter Chick
9. Tie Dyed Easter Eggs {pictured}
10. Easter Egg Tree
11. Sugar String Eggs
12. Eggshell Planter {kids will love this!}
13. DIY Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk
14. No-Sew Felt Flower Bracelets
15. Easter Egg Doodle Craft
16. Plastic Egg Tea Cups
17. Bunnies in a Jar {too cute!}
18. Mini Egg Cup Easter Baskets
19. Easter Egg Clothespin Chick {love this!}
20. Button Easter Egg Ornaments
21. Handprint Chick Craft
22. Easy Baking Cup Flowers
23. Plastic Egg Cupcakes
24. Hello Kitty Easter Eggs
25. Boo Boo Bunny Ice Wraps {such a great idea!}

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  1. Julia @ Rock It Like A Mom

    March 25, 2015 at 9:39 am

    This is a fab roundup!!
    Those foam cup bunnies are crazy cute, I might need an entire collection on my mantle this year…time to put my little one to work! LOL:)

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