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The Greatest Show On Earth! Ringling Brothers Came Into Town

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When I heard the “Greatest Show On Earth” was coming to town, I was as giddy as my kids were with excitement. I have wanted to take my kids to the circus, especially my elephant enthusiast son, for over a year now. In preparation for the event we went online and checked out where we watched videos, looked at pictures, and read about the Super Circus Hero themed show. The kids could not be anymore prepped and ready for Thursday night! As the lights dimmed, you could sense the anticipation from the crowd as many wiggled and squiggled in their seats. From the corner of my eye I watched my son gasp as he saw a woman a top a great Asian elephant, riding around the ring. At that moment I knew that going to the circus was a great idea.

Ringling Brothers

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has different themed shows, traveling throughout the United States, and Portland was treated to an action packed Super Hero themed show. While many would guess the usual suspects of Batman, Spider Man, and Superman to be present, instead we were introduced to real live Super Heroes from around the globe. These impressive specimens were able to accomplish death defying feats such as acrobatics, tightrope walking, animal charming, and possibly the hardest challenge, making an audience roar with laughter. The ever-so handsome ring leader introduced us to the clown-like Mr. Boredom who with his giant television remote control and lazy-boy recliner was oh so bored with it all. With the help of two clowns, Mr. Boredom learned the ways of the circus and eventually rose as a Super Hero himself bestowing the power of making people laugh.


Children and adults alike oohed and awed during the spectacular acts. While there were many traditional circus acts, each one has been modernized with a new fresh spin. The live music provided by the on stage band kept acts lively and snappy and you couldn’t help but to tap along to the beat or creep to the edge of your seat as the music built suspense. We adored the dancing elephants, laughed at the clowns as they interacted with the audience and played musical chairs, and bit our nails as the acrobats flew through the air and landed onto the shoulders of a human “chain” of three people high! As a mom with a two and four year old, I hardly ever see them sit still for an extended amount of time, I am pleased to report that while at the circus they were glued to the acts and were soaking up every minute.


Although the night was filled with fun and joy, there were a couple things that dampened our spirits. First off, when we arrived at the Moda Center, we were greeted by circus protestors who were very verbal about the abuse of animals who work for the circus. They held large posters of elephants shackled and abused and got on a bull horn and shamed families as we walked across the walkway into the arena. Not only were we not expecting this, but it scared and confused many children. The other drawback to our experience was the absence of the “big cats”. While the website boasts big cats, and there are pictures and souvenirs of giant tigers all over the Moda Center, there was not one lion or tiger act. As the circus came to an end we were disappointed and confused by the fact that we missed the big cats.


All in all a wonderful time was had, and my children are already asking when we are going to go again!! The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus is a class act and truly is the “Greatest Show On Earth.” We will see you the next time you come to town!

– Guest Blogger Joanna B.

* Joanna was provided with 4 passes to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are her own.

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