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Red Robin Has Gotten a Makeover! Check Out A Brand New Dining Experience

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Last week I got a chance to go see the latest in Red Robin design, along with checking out the newest seasonal dishes on the menu! Here in Portland (and beyond) Red Robin is going through a HUGE change. Gone is the circus-party mood, the loudness, and the many art images everywhere (well, they are still there, just look up!), and entering is a new experience in dining.CQ6yJ0lWsAEYXhC


As you may know, Red Robin is synonymous with great burgers. While they are STILL the number one spot to get a good (and unique) burger, they are becoming so much more than that. Red Robin took the advice from patrons to create a unique dining experience – one that not only caters to families, but also those without kids along with those who just want to come in for a drink and watch the game.


The restaurant has gotten a full makeover – from the front of the house to the back, everything has been touched and enhanced. The entry now has a podium so customers know where to go to check in. The sound levels have been muffled with the addition of slatted partitions, allowing diners to see in the restaurant while being ablee to chat at a normal volume.


The family area has tables for 4 or more to accommodate families of all sizes. The kids get their own dining fun with new colorful plates, bottomless sides, and fun straws. The second area is for couples and groups who are dining without children. Great for a date night! The chairs are a bit more plush, the decor is a little more sophisticated. The glass partitions allow diners to see the rest of the space without having the sound that goes with it.


The bar has been revamped as well, with an emphasis on beers, both crafted and traditional. One of my favorite additions to the bar is the bottle chandelier that is in every Red Robin.


The latest menu options are all about Oktoberfest – great beers (including beer floats that you NEED to try!), delicious burgers, and a new way of presenting. One dish in particular that has had a major change are the salads – instead of the standard tossed salad Red Robin gives you the option of serving grilled hearts of romaine. AMAZING if you haven’t tried it yet!


Here’s some more information on the new Red Robin look!

As part of the brand’s commitment to its new “Burgers & Brews” mantra, the revamped restaurant contains an expanded bar menu and a dedicated space exclusively for adults 21 and older interested in the brand’s beer and liquor offerings. Placing the same importance on offering quality and innovation into the bar program as it does its craveable menu items, Red Robin’s extensive bar menu features a variety of craft beers on tap, including Oregonian favorites like Mirror Pond Ale, Apocalypse IPA and Hefe Shandy.

“The new restaurant transformation is specifically designed to fit the needs of guests of all ages who walk through our doors,” said Denny Post, Red Robin’s senior vice president and chief concept officer. Whether it’s a family dining with kids, adults grabbing a drink at the bar or teens enjoying a meal, the new changes at Red Robin will offer them an unparalleled experience and bottomless enjoyment.”

The Lloyd Center restaurant’s transformation also features Red Robin’s recently revamped kid’s menu and experience. In addition to new entrees and a refresh of current favorites, the new kid’s experience consists of a range of in-restaurant elements, including LEGO sculptures, decorated mustache straws and placemats infused with Red Robin’s whimsical spirit to keep young diners entertained throughout the meal. Kids will also leave Red Robin holding the signature red balloon to be able to remember their experience at home for days after their visit.
red_robin_royalty_cardAmong the new amenities featured in the restaurant, Red Robin will debut Ziosk tablets to put the guest in control of their dining experience. These tabletop tablets will enable guests to pay for meals at their leisure, quickly order appetizers or drink refills, gain access to interactive games and join the Red Robin Royalty loyalty program.

For more information on Red Robin, or to find the Red Robin restaurant location nearest you, visit To sign up for the Red Robin Royalty™ loyalty program, visit

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