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My Nutrisystem Experience – Week 8

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Week 8!

Ok, so.. yeah, remember when I mentioned in my last Nutrisystem post that I don’t like the gym?

I didn’t go….

Don’t throw rocks at me though! My scale is doing that for me!

Last week’s weight 174.4

This week:

174.2 (please excuse the badly needed pedicure, I have an appointment scheduled :))

Good things about last week:

  • I increased my water intake. I am back up to about 5 16oz bottles a day (Nutrisystem program has you drinking 4 of those)
  • I am snacking WAY less than I was when I got back from New York.
  • I’m getting back into a system
  • I lost INCHES!! Actually lost almost 3 inches from my waist (at the navel) this week….

Bad things…

  • Procrastination CITY.. going to the gym is tough to get into, especially when all I want to do when the kids go to bed is SLEEP!
  • So that’s really the only bad thing last week 🙂

Goals for this week:

  • Utilize the tools given to me more – especially the Nutrisystem Meal Planning App. I find that when I use it regularly I stick to my regimen.
  • Lose 2 pounds – goal weight for next week is 172.2!
I am just a little bit behind on my weight loss – I should be at down 14lbs as of today. BUT I am happy that I have lost something, even though it was only .2 lbs 🙂
  • Starting Weight: 184.4 – 2/20/12

  • Current Weight: 174.2 – 4/2/12

  • TOTAL LOSS – 10.2 lbs

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  1. Christy Newell

    April 17, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Great job Carol!

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