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My Nutrisystem Experience – Week 6

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I was on vacation last week so I wanted to talk a little bit about Nutrisystem “on the go”. I decided that I was going to pack a bunch of Nutrisystem things (luckily they were so easy to pack!), including breakfast bars, portable lunch items, and protein drinks.

I started out well. But I was vacationing in New York City for 10 days. If you’ve ever been there (or live there) you will know that one of the best things about NYC is the food.

Since I knew it would be a while before I would be back I felt like that was a justifiable indulgence. So I indulged…

New York pizza is amazing. So is Challah french toast, Magnolia Cupcakes, bagels, and burgers from Shake Shack… I came back and weighed myself the next morning (Thursday 3/29)…


I GAINED almost 4 pounds!!! My weight was 178.4…I thought for sure all of that walking would have helped me sustain my weight. But NOPE. I gained. I did learn a few things though…

After analyzing what I did food/drink wise I realized something. I didn’t drink enough water. I did keep with the breakfast bars and protein shakes on most days but I knew that toward the end of my vacation I relaxed on everything healthy.

So I have been back up to my 64oz of water a day (at least) and back on track with Nutrisystem. Luckily I dropped back down pretty quickly.

So while I am still 1/2 pound above my last weigh-in, I am pretty confident that sticking with Nutrisystem will help me continue dropping that weight. I have 25.2lbs to go for goal #1 and I am pretty confident I can do it.

So, New York food. Or any indulgence… worth it? I have to say YES. However, it should only be an occasional thing.

Next week’s goal = 173 🙂 Wish me luck!

  • Starting Weight: 184.4 – 2/20/12
  • Current Weight: 175.2 – 4/2/12

  • TOTAL LOSS – 9.2 lbs

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  1. Christy Newell

    April 3, 2012 at 10:55 am

    4 lbs is not that bad for 10 days away! And to be able to jump right back into Nutrisystem is great! Keep up the good work!

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