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My Nutrisystem Experience – Week 10

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Week 10!

So last week I said I would go to the gym. I am happy to report I DID go. I went 4 times! And I see that it did help me!

Last week I was at 174.6.. and this week?

Heck YES! I am losing again!! That’s almost 2lbs in one week 🙂

Even though I am all achey and sore from my “date with gym” it IS keeping me on track. That and the ease of Nutrisystem. Because of the Nutrisystem app on my phone I am able to keep track of it all.. Plus meal preparation is simple to do and yummy.

Here’s my lunch today (SOOO easy)

Chicken Quesadillas and some mixed antioxidant veggies.. yummmm

So just remember – when you have plateaued (like I did) you just need to mix it up a bit.  All I am starting out with is 20 minutes on the treadmill. I will be kicking that up this week to push myself further.

By the way.. since I started with Nutrisystem I have also lost a total of 5 inches just around my belly…. YESSSSS!!!! I also got this adorable little guy as a congrats for losing 10 pounds… my little 10lb trophy lol!

  • Starting Weight: 184.4 – 2/20/12

  • Current Weight: 172.8 – 5/1/12

  • TOTAL LOSS – 11.6 lbs

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  1. Ashley S

    May 2, 2012 at 7:17 am

    Yay! You are doing awesome 🙂 The bear is so cute! I’m 3 lbs away from my first 10 lb bear. Keep up the good work!

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