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Lava Lamp is 50 Years Old! Get Groovy With The Latest Anniversary Edition

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I had a lava lamp in high school. It was all I wanted and I was thrilled when I opened it on Christmas morning, 1991. Yep, just dated myself 😉 My lava lamp was white with blue wax and was SO pretty…

Back then I had no idea the history of The Lava Lamp. It’s very interesting! A British accountant Edward Craven-Walker invented the lava lamp in 1963 after watching a homemade egg timer, which was made from a cocktail shaker filled with liquids, as it was bubbling on a stove top in a pub. His U.S. Patent for “Display Device” was filed in 1965, 50  years ago.DSC_0581

Today the lava lamp stands for peace and love, along with a bit of a high fashion flare. When you see one you can’t help but be mesmerized by the floating and bubbling wax. It’s soothing. And not only does Lava Lamp have a 50th Anniversary  edition lamp (the red and purple one!), but also some super cool designer lamps.

specialty lamps rotator

My 50th Anniversary Lava Lamp now lives in my kitchen. I love the warm glow it gives off every morning when I drag myself out of bed and get my daily coffee. It’s totally soothing and relaxing to watch the wax bubble up and down…



I think when Brick from Anchorman said “I love lamp”, the Lava Lamp may have been what he was talking about.

You can find Lava Lamps of all kinds at as well as Amazon. Be sure to check out the newest collection inspired by The Beatles!


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