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HOT – Superpoints!!! Get Gift Cards & More!

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Do you use Superpoints yet? If you don’t you need to! Here’s the scoop:

Superpoints is an awesome way to earn gift cards and prizes, like Amazon, Starbucks, Apple products and more! You can earn points 5 different ways:

  1. Click the SuperLucky Button! It’s the easiest way to get some points to redeem!
  2. Check your email daily – Superpoints sends emails with points in them – just today a friend of mine got a 200 point email!
  3. Refer your friends! When they win, you win!
  4. Watch videos, you’ll get lots of points!
  5. Complete offers for a ton of points!

You can redeem as little as 500 points for a $5 Gift Card to Amazon or other shops, OR you can even get Paypal cash!

Check out Superpoints HERE!


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