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#HH2013 – Zeenie Dollz Eco Warriors With Style! Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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The concept and mission behind Zeenie Dollz started with a sketch. It was a mother and daughter team that brought it to life. Hansini, the creator, designer and inventor of the cute face dolls series, showed her mother, Laxmi, a beautiful sketch of a girl doll toy with flowing blue hair and explained that her persona was that of Mother Earth. With overwhelming support and belief in the concept, Laxmi used her toy industry experience to bring Zennia, the first unique doll in the series, to life. From there, the duo have worked together intimately through every step of the creative process to take a beautiful sketch, with a meaningful cause and a passion for the environment, and merge that into the Zeenie Dollz series you see today!

ZeenieAllThese eco-warriors have an eye for fashion and a finger on the pulse of the Earth, helping to preserve wildlife, vegetation, and the three “R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I really gravitated to the Zeenie Dollz not only for their message, but for the fun hairstyles and cute clothes!

Each doll comes with a pet, a bracelet, a stand, brush and and Eco Warrior Membership Card:



Sini is a PERFECT doll for me – when I got her I thought she looked a bit familiar….


We have the same hair and very similar dresses! Now where do I get an adorbs jacket like that?

Zeenie Dollz are partially articulated – their arms, wrists, hips, and torsos are ball jointed so you can pose them in a variety of different ways. The clothing is well constructed and the hair is shiny, glossy, and bright!

You can find Zeenie Dollz online at the Zeenie Shop as well as Walmart and Amazon. MSRP $39.99

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