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Guest Post – Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

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Kids Eating Healthily – How it Can be Done

Everything seems to be against parents getting their children to eat healthy. This has led to more overweight children than society has ever seen. How can you help your children eat healthier when the odds are against you? Here are a few tips to help you get them back on the healthy eating track.

Stop Eating Out

What happens when you eat out all the time? You find yourself going through the drive and grabbing food loaded in grease and fat. It’s easy and quick. It’s also easy and quick to put on weight and keep it on. These are very unhealthy eating habits. Stop eating out so much. Eat more as a family at home.

This just takes a little more effort that you will find worth it. Putting a healthy meal in the crock pot or slow cooker takes a few minutes to do in the morning. Grabbing a light healthy snack to hold the kids over until you get home to eat as a family is much easier than you think. Keep dried fruit or nuts in the car for those times when they just can’t wait to eat.

Make an effort to avoid the fast food places and eat as family when you get home. You’ll find the food is healthier and the family can spend quality time together.

Variety of Food

When your child is in the habit of only eating macaroni and cheese, they are not eating healthily and actually increasing the fat in their bodies. When you eat at home, you have control over the healthy choices. Have broccoli, carrots, corn, or beans at the table. Encourage them to eat them. If they decline, try again another time. Keep trying. Eventually, they’ll try them and love them.

Don’t forget to experiment with cooking methods and unique ways to serve healthier foods to make them appealing to your child. Maybe broccoli with a nacho sauce over it gets their attention. It’s not as healthy as steamed broccoli alone, but it is a step in the right direction.

Be Active

What activities do more kids do in today’s society? They watch television and play video games. This doesn’t help with healthy eating habits. By not exercising, they add weight to their bodies. By sitting around, they will snack more which is usually fatty snacks. Get your children active. They will work off excess fat and eat less often.

Purge Home of Unhealthy Snacks

What is eaten the most is what is available. If you have cookies in the house, the kids will eat cookies. If you have ice cream in the freezer, they will snack on ice cream. If you remove cookies, they won’t eat cookies. If you don’t have ice cream, they won’t eat ice cream.

If you really want your children to have a healthier diet, give them healthier choices. If they are hungry, they will eat what they find. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll pick up that apple when they can’t find the candy or cookies.

Avoiding Comfort Foods

When anyone gets stressed or depressed, they typically eat. This usually means they’ll eat anything they can get their hands on especially high calorie comfort foods. You need to let your children know that there are other alternatives to eating when they don’t feel good.

Help them discover other stress or depression releases. Instead of sitting around eating and watching the television, show them how they can use hobbies such as fishing or crocheting to get their minds off of things.

No Eating Before Bedtime

Sleep is very important in the health of your child. But if they are eating up until they go to sleep, they could be hurting themselves. Their bodies should not be focused on digesting food as they prepare to sleep for the night. This will end up causing a restless sleep.

Don’t let your child eat an hour or two before bed. Try to have protein as the last thing they eat so the body is not digesting energy that wants to be spent instead of allowing the body to rest.

Make Healthy Eating a Priority

Healthy eating should not be a fad in your family. It needs to be a new way of life. It needs to be consistent and a priority. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have ice cream in the house or cookies. It means you need to have control of all those items and only have them around in limited quantities once in awhile.

The health of your child comes down to the decisions you make. Be an example of how it can be easy and fun to start eating healthier.

This is a guest post written by Amy Brown. Amy is an editor of Livesnet that was created to help parents find the right baby products for their child, while giving them advice on everything from pregnancy. Read her popular posts related to Britax Frontier 85 reviews and Joovy Sit N Stand Stroller.

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