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Got DVDs, CDs, Games, Blu-rays? Sell Them With MusicMagpie!

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I have always been a bit of a movie buff. I always have been. My husband is a gamer (don’t tell him I said that!!). And we both love music. But with it being the digital age most of these things are now on hard drives, MP3 players, and USB flash drives. But I still love DVDs.

Last week I bought a total of 10 DVDs. TEN!! Kind of a lot. I started looking at my collection and realized I needed to slim it down a bit. Luckily I have a great resource for selling my old DVDs – MusicMagpie!

Music Magpie is a FREE service – free to sell, free to ship! It’s super easy too –   just enter the barcodes of your unwanted items into the valuation engine above and get an instant price. No more schlepping to the local used DVD store (do they even exist anymore?) or trying to sell them at a garage sale.

appYou can also scan the barcode of your DVDs using your webcam, or download the FREE musicMagpie app and turn your iPhone or iPad into a quick and easy barcode scanner. Then once you are finished, request a UPS label and ship it out. And get paid some cash!

Now I need to go through all of my CDs, DVDs, and video games that are sitting there doing nothing and put them to work 😉

Try MusicMagpie today and see how much cash you can get for your used DVDs!

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