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BuyGiftSave Might Just Be The Answer To Gift Giver Prayers

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My twins birthday is coming up in April – 7 years old! Where does the time go? They are at the age of big birthday parties (actually isn’t every age a reason for a big party??). Being first graders they have lots of friends and family. As you can imagine planning a party times 2 has it’s challenges, especially when they have pretty much everything. I am super excited that there is a great resource for parents like me (and you) –!

As an added bonus to this already super resource, BuyGiftSave will also allow gift-givers to deposit money into the twins’ savings accounts. I LOVE this – it’s always so thoughtful and helpful for their future.

No longer do I need to answer those “what do the twins want” questions. My family members all live several hundred miles away so using a virtual list not only helps them plan for the twins gift, but also their financial future.

The concept is simple. Invite friends and family to the birthday party virtually via They are given a personalized link and asked to click on a gift budget of their choice. Next the giver sees the toy wish list. Let’s say Grandma finds a gift for $20 – but she was willing to spend $50. So the difference, minus shipping and handling, goes into her grandchild’s bank account, which I have already set up. It’s a win-win for everyone – today and for the future. Gift givers can also go in on a larger item crowd gift, for a large ticket items. Or can just do a monetary gift which may be a a great option for close family.

Pretty great, right? I know exactly how I am going to run the twins’ birthday party this year. I am so happy that someone finally made it easy to give kids the gift of a financial freedom, because college is sooner than you think.

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