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10 Ways to Know You Are From Portland #PDX

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Being a Portlandian, I can tell you that we have our own way of life. There are things you see here that you just don’t see anywhere else. Portland is weird. Cool. A small town feeling in a big city.

10 Ways to Know You are From Portland


1. You still wear plaid flannel shirts and Doc Martens (and look awesome in them).



2. You know how to home-brew beer. Really well too. You might even have your own labels and everything…



3. You wish there was an In-n-Out here. Even looking at this photo is making you angry…



4. You pronounce Couch Street “Cooch Street”.



5. Funky hair colors and piercings don’t phase you.



6. Starbucks? Nah, you prefer the little-known coffee shops. (But still secretly love Starbucks)



7. You know the MAX train stops and schedules like the back of your hand.



8. You’ve been to Darcelle XV at least once.



9. You own a North Face jacket, Apple laptop, and a bike.



10. You know that there is no other better city in the world.

Portland skyline

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  1. Tammy S

    July 10, 2014 at 7:33 am

    I love this post. It is all so true. I know because I live in PDX. 🙂

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